November 26, 2019

Angel Has Fallen: Should They Have Stopped in London?

Angel Has Fallen (2019), directed by Ric Roman Waugh, is the third movie in the Fallen series, prefaced by Olympus Has Fallen (2013) and London Has Fallen (2016). This film received mixed reviews. While some found it very effective, and a satisfying culmination of the trilogy, most found it predictable and dissatisfying.

Well, What Happens?

Gerard Butler portrays weathered Secret Service agent Mike Banning, recently chosen by US President Alan Trumbull–played by Morgan Freeman–to be the new Secret Service Director. While Banning attempts to hide his declining health, the President’s peaceful fishing trip is interrupted by an army of lethal drones. While Banning is able to evacuate the President alive, Trumbull is left injured and comatose. The Secret Service then uncovers planted DNA evidence framing Banning as the brains behind the attempted assassination. He is forced into hiding, running from his own agency and the FBI. read more

October 20, 2019

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad…worth watching all day and all night long, everyday!

If there is a series that has to be seen by every TV show lover is Breaking Bad. When I saw the first episode I was so hooked that I went to sleep at 4:00 a.m. watching as much episodes as possible. Breaking Bad is simply one of the greatest TV shows ever because it instantly glues you to the screen from its very first scene. It was that first scene with Bryan Cranston in tighty whities, running away in the desert of New Mexico that announced the greatness of Breaking Bad. Beginning with the spectacular work done by Vince Gilligan creating, writing and directing the acclaimed TV show and following up with a deluxe cast led by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, this series has it all: beautiful scenography, unexpected twists around every corner and some great characters that support the impeccable job done by Cranston. read more

October 20, 2019

Star Wars : Les Derniers Jedi

The Force is weak in this one

I still remember the first time I saw my first Star Wars movie: a friend of mine brought A New Hope for a sleepover at my house and he told me that I was about to see the best movie ever. At that time it indeed was but then I saw Episodes V and VI and both of them made it to the top of my favorite movies, making it very hard for me to decide which one I liked the best and decided that I. I feel very sad for not being able to say the same for Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, a total disappointment for me, a true Star Wars Fanatic. I have seen all the movies several times, I have played around 5 Star Wars video games, I love to see Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series with my nephews and, just like millions of fans out there, I have been anxiously waiting for The Last Jedi, and like most of them I left the movies feeling a strange emptiness inside of me. read more

January 4, 2020

Ford v Ferrari: The Original Gangstas

Henry Ford II, in an attempt to increase visibility and sales for the Ford Motor Company, had intentions of winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans with Ferrari’s luxury Italian racer, the Scuderia Ferrari, when he is dramatically snubbed by Enzo Ferrari who walks out on their deal to instead sell the vehicle to Fiat. Ford, in a rage, pledges to beat the Ferrari with one of his own vehicles and hires Carrol Shelby, retired racer and race car designer, and Ken Miles, British racer and struggling mechanic, to build it. read more

January 29, 2020

Jumanji – The Next Level

An American comedy, adventure, and action film, Jumanji – The Next level, got its directions by Jake Kasdan.

The film is an adaptation of Jumanji by Chris Van Allsburg. It is written by Scott Rosenberg, Jake Kasdan, and Jeff pinker and is produced by Dany Garcia, Matt Tolmach, Jake Kasdan, Dwayne Johnson, Hiram Garcia, and William Teitler under the Columbia Pictures, Hartbeat Productions, The Detective agency, Seven Bucks Productions, and Matt Tolmach Productions.

The film was distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing and released in the United States on the 13th of December 2019. read more

June 19, 2020

Crazy Rich Asians Review

Crazy Rich Asians is an Asian all-star American movie based on the 2013 international best-selling novel with the same title by Kevin Kwan. The movie was directed by Jon M. Chu from a screenplay by Peter Chiarelli and Adele Lim. Brian Tyler is the music director for this movie. The movie was produced by Nina Jacobson, Brad Simpson, and John Penotti. It also involved Sidney Kimmel, Kevin Kwan, and Tim Coddington as executive producers.

Crazy Rich Asians was shot in Malaysia and Singapore. The Cinematography was done by Vanja Cernjul and film editing by Myron Kerstein. The film was announced in 2013, and filmed in 2017. It was finally premiered on the 7th of August, 2018 at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, California. It was later released theatrically on the 15th of August, 2018. read more

February 8, 2020

1917 the nightmare of war

On April 6th, 1917 General Erinmore ordered Lance Corporals Will Schofield and Tom Blake to carry a crucial message to Colonel Mackenzie of the Second Battalion of the Devonshire Regiment. The scheduled attack on the Germans was discovered to be a trap and would jeopardize the lives of 1,600 men, including Corporal Blake’s brother. Overwhelmed by the significance of their mission, the two men barrel across no man’s land to the abandoned German trenches. Trooping through the empty underground barracks, a trip-wire is triggered by a rat and an explosion brings down the roof. Schofield is buried in the rubble and is only barely pulled to safety by Blake. Injured and shaken, the two escape, but this is far from the last of the obstacles they find between themselves and their pivotal expedition. read more

October 20, 2019


A very original and captivating film

edi is the living proof that any story is worth telling if you know how to tell it and using the proper tools, you can create magic. What I loved about this movie is the unique point of view from which is told. At some point, I even thought that someone had hooked Go Pro cameras to the cats and let them film the entire thing. Nonetheless, the movie was filmed by humans using different techniques such as hidden cameras located in strategic points to get a closer look at cats’ secret life.

The movie was filmed entirely in Istanbul, Turkey, whose people show a great respect for cats and take care of them. Kedi shows us how these cats have adapted to the urban lifestyle and how they manage to survive and raise their offspring as well as their lifestyle and their hunting habits. Ceyda Torun is the talent behind the camera that directed this amazing film and she proved that one does not need a huge list of previous movies to show what one can do. She portrayed the lives of 8 stray cats, each one with a different personality that resembles us, human beings and this fact is so entrancing for someone who is not familiarized with cats that you do not need to be a cat lover to enjoy this film. read more

January 15, 2020

Uncut Gems – Fantastic Crime Thriller

A 2019 American movie, Uncut Gems, is a crime thrilling movie. The film got its directions by Benny Safdie and Josh Safdie. It was written by Ronald Bronstein, Benny Safdie, and Josh Safdie, and produced by Scott Rudin, Sebastian Bear McClard, and Eli Bush.

The music for the film was given by Daniel Lopatin, editing was done by Benny Safdie and Ronald Bronstein, and cinematography was done by Darius Khondji.

Uncut Gems - Fantastic Crime Thriller, main actor

The Uncut Gems was produced under the Elara Pictures, Sikelia Productions, and the IAC Films. read more