December 16, 2019

Outpost Earth – Horror Planet

An American horror science-fiction, thriller, and drama movie, released on 22nd January 2019 is directed, written and co-produced by Brett Piper and was produced by The Polonia Brothers Entertainment productions.


The film includes the main cast as Erin Waterhouse as Kay, Mason Carver as Prof. Eisenberg, Titus Himmelberger as Blake, Yolie Canales as Kagen, Kristen Gylling as Penny, Steve Diasparra as a creature, Jeff Kirkendall as Thug, and James Carolus as Thug. The film also includes many other characters like alien and many more and these are the main characters of the movie. read more

January 16, 2020

The Lion King – A Musical Animation

A 2019 American film, The Lion King, is a musical animated film. The film was directed by Jon Favreau, screenplay done by Jeff Nathanson, and produced by Jon Favreau, Karen Gilchrist, and Jeffrey Silver.

The music was composed by Hans Zimmer, editing by Adam Gerstel and Mark Livolsi, and cinematography by Caleb Deschanel. The production was done under the Fairview Entertainment and the Walt Disney Pictures production banners.

The Motion Pictures and the Walt Disney Studios has distributed the film and released it in Hollywood on the 9th of July 2019 and theatrically in the United States on the 19th of July 2019. read more

October 20, 2019

The Foreigner

Jackie Chan is an elder dragon but still a dragon!

ho says that Jackie Chan is too old for a good action/thriller/drama? Well, me for starters! I thought that Jackie’s days doing his own stunts and cool choreographed fights were over. How wrong I was! In the Foreigner, he shows us that he still has the flame of the dragon burning deep inside of him. The movie is based on the novel “The Chinaman” written by Stephen Leather, adapted to the big screen by David Marconi and the film director is no other than Martin Campbell, who has previously directed action-packed films such as Goldeneye 007, Vertical Limit and The Legend of Zorro. read more

October 20, 2019

Justice League

The long awaited DC Universe heroes reunion

ustice League is one of those highly anticipated movies by different kinds of fans; you have the comic fans in one side, the superhero movies fans on the other, kids of all ages, Gal Gadot fans and Jason Momoa fans alike. Due to this anticipation, most people expect a lot from this movies and feel disappointed when they do not meet their expectations and Justice League was no exception. After a so-so Man of Steel and a disappointing Suicide Squad, the DC universe movies fell in popularity amongst critics and fans alike. However, Batman v Superman and Wonder Woman raised up many hopes and in the end of those 2 movies we got to taste a little bit of what was coming next: the Justice League movie.
At first, it was Zack Snyder who was in charge of directing the movie but he was not able to finish it due to a family tragedy. Joss Whedon took the reins and managed to finish it with the same tone and direction that Snyder was giving to the movie. However, the movie was dull and predictable at some times and left me with a feeling that they were just trying to get the job done. Ben Affleck´s performance as Batman is great, I really liked it since Batman vs. Superman because he puts Batman in a different light, that of a leader and team player. Next to Ben Affleck we also see Gal Gadot as the Wonder Woman, a strong warrior and leader as well who pairs up with Batman to fight an old and powerful adversary: the Steppenwolf, voiced by Claran Hinds.
The villain Steppenwolf emerged from the shadows and this time there is no Superman to stand between him and his mission: to find three ancient pieces that together form a destructive and powerful artifact capable of changing entire planets. Batman and Wonder Woman know that they cannot defeat this foe on their own and they have to recruit strong allies for the fight to come. One of those allies is none other than Barry Allen (Ezra Miller), better known as The Flash: a man with the power to move at extreme speeds. Ezra Miller´s performance left much to be desired, forced in some scenes with a humor that made you laugh at first but became repetitive and clichéd. The Atlantean known as Aquaman (Jason Momoa) also joins the fray and in spite the fact that he is a very different Aquaman from the one we know from the comics, does a really good job portraying a stronger and more capable Aquaman. read more

February 10, 2020

Knives Out: Whodunit?

Knives Out, directed by Rian Johnson, has been described as the modern “whodunit.” If you are at all familiar with old-timey mystery novels, you might recognize some of this: Popular crime novelist, Harlan Thrombey, invites his family to his manor to celebrate his 85th birthday. However, the festivities come to a crashing halt when he is found by the housekeeper, Fran, dead, supposedly having slit his own throat. Benoit Blanc, a private detective, is hired by an anonymous party to investigate the scene. We explore the world with Blanc as he learns how Harlan had alienated much of his family. This included threatening to expose his son-in-law’s affair, cut off his thieving daughter-in-law, fire his youngest son from his publishing company, and cut his grandson out of his will. Blanc eventually teams up with the suspicious but knowledgeable nurse, Marta Cabrera. We soon learn from the family lawyer that Harlan has left everything to Marta, causing some hostility from the family and encouraging her attempted escape. This heartfelt and fascinatingly familiar, yet unique movie received an astounding response from movie fans across the board. read more

June 10, 2020

Not Another Happy Ending Movie Review

Are you a writer? Have you ever experienced a writer’s block? If yes, then you’d enjoy this movie. The British romantic comedy was directed by John McKay. The movie is the brain child of David Solomon. The music was composed by Lorne Balfe. Claire Mundell is the producer of the movie, along with Christian Eisenbeiss and Steve Milne as executive producer. It also involved Wendy Griffin as the co-producer.

The movie was shot in Scotland (UK) by cinematographer, George Geddes. Calum Ross is the film editor. Not Another Happy Ending was premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on the 30th of June, 2013. The movie was later released in Ireland, the USA, Vietnam, and New Zealand. read more

May 11, 2020

Spider-Man: Far from Home – an action sci-fi movie

The movie is a sequel to the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-man Homecoming. The American movie is an action movie under the sci-fi genre.  The movie is based on the Marvel Comic Book written by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The movie was written by Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers.  The music for the movie was composed by Michael Glacchin.

Spider-Man: Far from Home was directed by Jon Watts. The movie was produced by Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal. It also included Victoria Alonso, Avi Arad, Eric Hauserman, Louis D’Esposito, Thomas M. Hammel, Stan Lee, Rachel O’Connor, and Matt Tolmach as executive producers. Nicola Rosada also worked as line producer (Italy), with David Minkowski and Matthew Stillman as co-producers (Czech Republic). read more

December 25, 2019

Jacob 2011 watch online

Jacob is executive Larry Wade Carrell’s holding uncover of blood, mercilessness, beating and disorder. His tricky artistic segues lead crowds into believing they’re seeing a phantom story or maybe a grim story of evil belonging. Exactly when we’re at the pinnacle of wonderment he reverses the situation into something else altogether. It focuses us, installed into the story brilliantly astounded as the grouping of situations as each develops.


The heroes inside this story are drawing in and promptly simple to identify with. We feel Edith’s predicament and visually impaired confidence in her upset spouse Billy. It pulls upon the crowd’s heart strings she battles to adapt to outside weight from her associates to leave her damaging, alcoholic accomplice. read more

February 15, 2020

Jojo Rabbit – Comedy – Drama

A 2019 American movie, Jojo Rabbit is a comedic and dramatic film. Taika Waititi gave the direction and the screenplay of the film and Carthew Neal, Chelsea Winstanley, and Taika Waititi produced the film.

The film, Jojo Rabbit is based on the book by Christine Leunens named Caging Skies. The music was given by Michael Giacchino, editing done by Tom Eagles, and the cinematography was done by Mihai Malaimare Jr.

The production of Jojo Rabbit was done under the TSG Entertainment, Piki Films, and the Defender Films. read more