December 3, 2019

Rectify – Life’s Evolvement

Rectify is an American drama series created and directed by Ray Mckinnon aired on Sundance TV network. The series premiered on 22nd April 2013 and concluded over four seasons with a total of 30 episodes on the 14th of December 2018.

The shoot for the series began in 2008 and was about to be premiered on AMC but three years later Sundance TV network announced it and the series became the Sundance networks first-ever original and realistic scripted series.

Starred Cast

The series includes leading the cast as well as some recurring cast members also. read more

November 24, 2019

Lucifer: Mysteries and Murders

Lucifer, an American tv series, premiered on 25th January 2016 on Fox television network. The television series was directed by Tom Kapinos which is dominantly based on DC Comics Character.

The cast starred in the Lucifer television series includes Tom Ellis as Lucifer, Lauren German as Detective Chloe Decker, D.B. Woodside as Amenadiel, Kevin Alejandro as Detective Daniel Espinoza, Rachel Harris as Dr. Linda Martin and Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen.

The series surrounds around Lucifer Morningstar, a devil that leaves his throne in hell just he was bored of his life. He spent his entire life cursing his father God(lmao) for throwing him into hell. He came to live in Los Angeles – the city of Angeles where he determined to understand more about humanity and soon he was convinced by Chloe to become the consultant for the Los Angeles Police Department to use his abilities and powers to solve some police cases and murder mysteries having law and justice with him. Lucifer also owns a nightclub in Los Angeles named Lux. Throughout his journey on Earth at Los Angeles, many ups and downs and threats came in his way and he ended falling in love with Chloe. In the passing time, many people came and understood the true nature of Lucifer. read more

February 18, 2020

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

An American amazing space science fiction film, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, is directed by J.J. Abrams and written by Derek Connolly, J.J. Abrams, Colin Trevorrow, and Chris Terrio.

The film is produced by J.J. Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy, and Michelle Rejwan under the production of Bad Robot Productions and Lucasfilm Ltd productions. It got its distribution by Motion Pictures and Walt Disney Studios with a theatrical release date of 20th December 2019 in the United States and world premiere on 16th December 2019 in Hollywood or Los Angeles. read more

February 10, 2020

Knives Out: Whodunit?

Knives Out, directed by Rian Johnson, has been described as the modern “whodunit.” If you are at all familiar with old-timey mystery novels, you might recognize some of this: Popular crime novelist, Harlan Thrombey, invites his family to his manor to celebrate his 85th birthday. However, the festivities come to a crashing halt when he is found by the housekeeper, Fran, dead, supposedly having slit his own throat. Benoit Blanc, a private detective, is hired by an anonymous party to investigate the scene. We explore the world with Blanc as he learns how Harlan had alienated much of his family. This included threatening to expose his son-in-law’s affair, cut off his thieving daughter-in-law, fire his youngest son from his publishing company, and cut his grandson out of his will. Blanc eventually teams up with the suspicious but knowledgeable nurse, Marta Cabrera. We soon learn from the family lawyer that Harlan has left everything to Marta, causing some hostility from the family and encouraging her attempted escape. This heartfelt and fascinatingly familiar, yet unique movie received an astounding response from movie fans across the board. read more

May 2, 2020

My Brilliant Friend – a drama

An Italian and Neapolitan coming of age television series, My Brilliant Friend is a drama genre television series.

Saverio Costanzo is the creator of the series and is an adaptation of the novel by Elena Ferrante named Neapolitan Novels. Francesco Piccolo, Saverio Costanzo, Elena Ferrante, and Laura Paolucci are the writers of the series and Alice Rohrwacher as well as Saverio Costanzo are the directors of the series, My Brilliant Friend. Alba Rohrwacher is the narrator and Max Richter is the composer of the series. read more

February 24, 2020

House of 1000 corpses 2003

Taking his cue from such Seventies horror classics as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) and The Hills Have Eyes, animated rocker Rob Zombie goes celluloid with the throwback shocker House of one thousand Corpses. Running low on gasoline as they journey the highways of America in search of the last roadside attraction, a collection of young adults pull into Captain Spaulding’s museum of oddities which also offers fried hen and gasoline only to become passionate about uncovering the mystery of a legendary nearby maniac known only as Dr. Satan. When an attractive and mysterious hitchhiker eventually offers to offer the thrill seekers a personal excursion of Dr. Satan’s vintage stabbing grounds, a breakdown forces them to take shelter with a group of menacing oddballs as a fearsome typhoon rages outside. read more

February 6, 2020

Dabangg 3 – Action & Comedy

An Indian comedy and action-packed film, Dabangg 3, is a Prabhu Deva film.

The film is produced by Salman Khan, Nikhil Dwivedi, and Arbaaz Khan and written by Aloke Upadhyaya and Dilip Shukla. The story of the film was given by Salman Khan and its screenplay was done by Prabhu Deva, Salman Khan, and Aloke Upadhayaya.

The music was by Sajid-Wajid, Editing by Ritesh Soni, and Cinematography by Mahesh Limaye under the Salman Khan FIlms, Saffron Broadcast & Media Limited, and Arbaaz Khan Productions banners. The film was released on the 20th of December 2019 in India. read more

June 25, 2020

The Nun – Horror Review

The Nun is an American movie with a gothic supernatural horror genre. The film was directed by Corin Hardy and written by Gary Dauberman, based on a story by James Wan and Dauberman. Abel Korzeniowski is the music composer for the movie. The movie was produced by Peter Safran and James Wan. It also included Richard Brener, Michael Clear, Gary Dauberman, Walter Hamada, Dave Neustadter and Hans Ritter as executive producers.

The Nun was shot in Romania by director of photography, Maxime Alexandre. The film was also edited by Michel Aller and Ken Blackwell. The movie hit the screen for the first time on the 4th of September, 2018 at the MOTELX-Lisbon International Horror Film Festival in Portugal. It was later released in the USA on the 7th of September, 2018. The Nun was produced under Atomic Monster, New Line Cinema and The Safran Company production banner. It was widely distributed by the Warner Bros. It is also available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. read more

March 30, 2020

Supergirl – Action and Adventurous series

An American television series, Supergirl is an action, adventure, science-fiction superhero series.

Greg Berlanti, Andrew kreisberg, and Ali Adler developed the series. It is basically the adaptation of Kara Zor EI by Al Plastino and Otto Binder. The Supergirl television series was composed by Daniel James Chan and Blake Neely.

Michael Grassi, Michael Cedar, Glen Winter, Ted Sullivan, Larry Teng, and Raymond Quinlan produced the series with Ali Adler, Greg Berlanti, Jessica Queller, Sarah Schechter, Andrew Kreisberg, and Robert Rovner as the executive producers. read more