mystery. drama

February 27, 2020

The Outsider

Frank Peterson is found dead in the woods covered in saliva and human bite marks. Biological evidence at the crime scene combined with video surveillance and several witness accounts prove the undeniable guilt of little league coach Terry Maitland. Local Detective on the case, Ralph Anderson, is enraged, his own son having been coached by Maitland, and has him immediately arrested in front of the whole town in the middle of a little league game.

Maitland claims he is innocent and that he wasn’t even in town at the time of the murder, but the overwhelming evidence doesn’t leave much room for his story. However, this seemingly cut and dry case is quickly complicated by Alec Pelley, a private investigator hired by the Maitland’s family lawyer, who provides additional, and undeniable evidence proving Maitland’s alibi that he was, in fact, out of town at a teacher’s conference at the time of the murder. Baffled and unconvinced, Anderson continues his investigation. read more