April 17, 2020

Bodyguard – a crime drama

The British television series, Bodyguard is a crime, drama, political thriller television series. Jed Mercurio is the creator as well as the writer of the series. John Strickland and Thomas Vincent are the directors of the series, Bodyguard. Ruskin Williamson and Ruth Barrett are the composers of the series.

The series, Bodyguard is produced by Eric Coulter as well as Priscilla Parish as producers and also includes Jed Mercurio, Simon Heath, and Elizabeth Kilgarriff as the executive producers of the series. London is the production location of the series, Bodyguard. John Lee is the cinematographer of the series and Andrew John, as well as Steve Singleton, are the editors of the series. read more

December 8, 2019

Lincoln (2012) – Political Genius

The noteworthy story of the sixteenth US President’s wild last a very long time in office. In a country isolated by war and the solid unavoidable trends, Lincoln seeks after a game-plan intended to end the war, join the nation and cancel bondage. With the ethical fearlessness and wild assurance to succeed, his decisions during this crucial point in time will change the destiny of ages to come.

Man from the farmlands od Kentucky

I’ve once in a while been more mindful than during Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” that Abraham Lincoln was a frank, useful, rational man from the farmlands of Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois. He had not exactly a time of formal instruction and showed himself through his eager perusing of extraordinary books. Despite everything I review from a youth book the picture of him taking a bit of charcoal and working out science by composing on the back of a scoop. read more

December 5, 2019

The Rachel Maddow – News Talk Show

The Rachel Maddow Show is an American opinion program or political news talk show aired on the MSNBC television pay channel. The television series was directed by Rob Katko and was hosted by Rachel Maddow who has also featured on other MSNBC programs. The show was originally based on her previous radio show named The Rachel Maddow radio show.

The Rachel Maddow premiered on 8th September 2008 and is still running on accomplishing 1594 episodes. It was produced by Steve Benen and broadcasted on NBC Studios from Studios 3-A at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. read more