May 27, 2020

Last Man Standing – SitCom, Family

The American series, Last Man Standing, is a sitcom genre series. Jack Burditt created it in 2011. It has since then recorded 8 seasons and 173 episodes. Monte Montgomery and Carl Thiel are the music composers for the series. John Amodeo produces the series. It also includes a list of executive producers such as Tim Allen, Becky Clements, Marty Adelstein, Shawn Levy, Richard Baker, Rick Messina, John Pasquin, Kevin Abbott, Michael Shipley, Matt Berry, Tim Doyle and Kevin Hench.

The Last Man Standing was shot with a multi-camera setup. Donald A. Morgan is the cinematographer of the series. The series editing is done by Kris Trexler, Pamela Marshall, David Garver and Mark West. The series was initially released under the ABC network from 2011 to 2017. It is currently viewed on Fox Channel from 2018 to date. read more

May 18, 2020

Ground Floor – Sitcom

Ground floor is an American sitcom with just 2 seasons and 20 episodes—a rather quick watch for avid binge-lovers. The sitcom was created by Bill Lawrence and Greg Malins in 2013.  The series music was composed by Gregg Lehrman.  Jeff Ingold, Bill Lawrence, Jeff Astrof, and Greg Malins are the executive producers of Ground Floor. Jason Belleville was the supervising producer.  Robin Strickland and Donald A. Morgan were the cinematographers for this sitcom. The series was edited by Andy Zall. read more