April 18, 2020

Condor – a thriller series

An American television series, Condor is a thriller genre series. The series, Condor is created by Jason Smilovic, Todd Katzberg, and Ken Robinson.

It is the adaptation of the novel by James Grady of the name Six Days of the Condor and the film by Lorenzo Semple Jr. as well as David Rayfiel of name Three Days of the Condor.  Trevor Morris is the composer of the series, Condor. The series, Condor is produced by Kate Regan, Sean Ryerson, and Brian Walsh as the producer. It also includes Lawrence Trilling, Dana Goldberg, John Ward, Jason Smilovic, David Ellison, Marcy Ross, and Shane Elrod as the executive producers. read more

February 14, 2020

Hustlers: crime, drama, and dark-comedy genre

A 2019 American crime, drama and dark-comedic film, is a Lorene Scafaria film. The film is based on the article by Jessica Pressler ‘The Hustlers at scores’ of the New York Magazine 2015’s edition. It was produced by Jessica Elba Um, Adam McKay, Goldsmith Thomas, Will Ferrell, Elaine, and Jennifer Lopez and has its screenplay by Lorene Scafaria.

The film has its cinematography by Todd Banhazl and Editing by Kayla Emter under the Gloria Sanchez

Productions, Annapurna Pictures, and Nuyorican Productions companies. read more

April 22, 2020

Emergence – a thriller

An American television series, Emergence is a drama and mystery-thriller genre series. Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas are the creators of the series, Emergence. Daniel James Chan and Blake Neely are the music composers of the series. The series, Emergence is produced by Gail Barringer and Holly Brix. It also includes Paul McGuigan, Tara Butters, Juan Alfonso, and Michele Fazekas as the executive producers.

The cinematography for the series, Emergence is done by Robert Humphreys and Shawn Maurer. L. Schroeder, Andy Morrish, William Yeh, Maura Corey, and Hallie Faben COmfort are the editors of the series. Emergence Series is produced under the ABC Studios and the Fazekas & Butters production companies banners. read more

February 4, 2020

Midsommar – A Cultural Horror film

A 2019 English-Swedish film, Midsommar, is a horror folk film. The film got its writing and direction by Ari Aster and was produced by Patrik Andersson and Lars Knudsen.

The music was given by Bobby Krlic while the vocal music was by Jessika Kenney. It was cinematographed by Pawel Pogorzelski and edited by Lucian Johnston.

It was produced under the B-Reel Films and the Square Peg production banner. In the United States, A24 distributed the film and in the Scandinavia, Nordisk Film distributed the film, Midsommar. read more

May 12, 2020

Strange But True – Thriller, Drama

Strange but True is a drama, thriller, and suspense genre movie. The movie was based on a novel written by John Searles. The screenplay was by Eric Garcia. Neil Athale is the music composer for the movie. The film was directed by Rowan Athale. The movie, Strange but True, was produced by Fred Berger, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, and Christina Ross. It also had Hilary Davis, Tom Harberd, Phil Hunt, Ross Katz, Brian Kornreich, John Penotti, Compton Ross and Tim Williams as the executive producers. Jennifer Shin worked as the associate producer with Norman Denver as the line producer. read more

May 1, 2020

Marvel’s The Punisher

An American television series, Marvel’s The Punisher is an action, conspiracy thriller, crime drama genre series.

Steve Lightfoot is the creator and is the adaptation of the novel by John Romita Sr., Gerry Conway, and Ross Andru with the name Punisher. The series is also known as The Punisher and Tyler Bates is the composer of the series. The series is produced by Gail Barringer as the producer and it also includes Cindy Holland, Laura Delahaye, Alan Fine, Joe Quesada, Jim Chory, Steve Lightfoot, Tom Shankland, Allie Goss, Kris Henigman, Stan Lee, Karim Zreik, and Jeph Loeb as the executive producers. read more

March 21, 2020

Mr. Robot – a psychological thriller

An American television series, Mr. Robot, is a techno and psychological thriller drama.

Sam Esmail created and Mac Quayle composed the television series, Mr. Robot. The television show, Mr. Robot is produced by Igor Srubshchik, Rami Malek, and Christian Slater with Sam Esmail, Chad Hamilton, Kyle Bradstreet, Steve Golin, and Joseph E. Iberti as the executive producers.

Mr. Robot was shot on the single-camera in New York city. The cinematography was done by Tim Ives and Tod Campbell and was produced under the Universal Content Productions, Esmail Corp, Universal Cable Productions, and the Anonymous Content production banner. read more

August 3, 2018

Rob Stagger

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February 7, 2020

Die Hard – An Action-packed film

A 1988 film, Die Hard, is an action-packed thrilling film. The film was directed by John McTiernan, produced by Joel Silver and Lawrence Gordon, and got the screenplay by Steven E. de Souza and Jeb Stuart.

The film, Die Hard was based on the novel by Roderick Thorp, Nothing Lasts Forever. The film got its music by Michael Kamen, editing by John F. Link and Frank J. Urioste, and got cinematographed by Jan De Bont. It was produced under the Silver Pictures and the Gordan Company production banners.

The 20th Century Fox distributed the film and released it in Los Angeles on the 12th of July 1988 and in the United States on the 15th of July 1988. read more